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Michael Flores,
Home Inspection Specialist

Inspecting for over 15 years!
Beginning as a Firefighter and 911 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), he began to understand the need for safety within the home.  Mike and his crew were often called upon to build new facilities for the forestry service. He grew his skill with construction and building materials through 6 years of working with the forestry firefighting and emergency crews.
Branching out from emergency 911 Services and helping a close friend with his plumbing business, Mike worked as a plumber servicing septic systems for about 2 years.   
Mike was introduced to home inspections when he met Bill Best.  Bill owned his own inspection business but was looking to retire from the business.  Bill’s background as a Seabee in the Navy and service in Vietnam gave Bill all the skills necessary to run a quality home inspection business.  Mike was fortunate to have trained under Bill directly before graduating from the prestigious Kaplan University (then ITA) with his certification in home inspections. Mike continued working with Bill and learning from his expertise for over 10 years! Mike has since then, increased his specialty skills by attending yearly training and building code seminars. 
Mike has now worked for over 15 years as a home inspection specialist throughout Ventura county and surrounding areas.
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